IT development and cloud based jobs in Holland

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We get it.  It is proving more difficult to find good employees and what makes YOUR job harder is finding a recruiter who will support YOU in your requirements, understand YOUR requirements rather than focus on THEIR numbers and KPIs. 

So here we are.  A boutique recruitment firm hugely proud to be different and exactly what you need - a relilable, honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable, reputable company that simply LOVES and thrives on growing small and medium sized Dutch IT businesses. 

As a company looking to hire, do you get frustrated when you:

  • Receive random CVs from recruiters who don't understand your business?    OR
  • Receive too few CVs for the same reason?

Would you rather:

  • Receive up to 3 CVs per role to screen from a recruiter who has taken the time to understand you and your business and thus save you time and money?
  • Have a slick, stress-free and simple process that is managed for you by someone you trust and who is an ambassador for your brand?

At Advance in IT, recruitment is 100% what we do.  We eat, sleep and breathe recruitment so you can eat, sleep and breathe your business.  Over the past 8 years, we have successfully helped several small and medium-sized businesses to grow with great Dutch IT consultants in the software development arena placing in excess of 85 consultants with them, now moving more towards cloud and related technologies. This is our passion and why we succeed. Because we love it!  Don't just take our word for it.  Take a look at our testimonials.

​​Our formula:

Relationships + technology + expertise = results (great hires)

Opting for long-term relationships, we are proud of this formula and it stems from the following:

  • We understand your business. We take the time to get to know you and what makes you tick.
  • We manage the entire recruitment process for you freeing you up to do your day job.
  • We won’t headhunt from your business partners.  
  • We have your reputation at the front of mind at all times.
  • We promote your brand in the market.
  • We use the latest recruitment software in order to make the process fast yet efficient.
  • You’ll be a valued customer rather than just a company we are blindly sending CVs out to.
  • We undertake the first stage of the screening process on your behalf saving you time assessing them. 
  • Our ratios of CV to placement are very low usually with a maximum of 3 CVs to a placement.
  • We don’t use the mainstream job boards. We are more thorough than that.  We know that we have to carefully cherry-pick the requested candidates rather than rely on them coming to us. 

Our candidates are:

  • Mostly Dutch or EU citizens 
  • The highest of calibre
  • Speak excellent English (If not Dutch)
  • Briefed fully
  • Dedicated to your brand

Think you've found the solution to your problem?  You're probably right!  So what's next?  Get in touch.

We start off by arranging a video Skype call or face to face meeting at your office to really understand your business – the culture, your vision and how your people will make you more successful.  If you have had issues recruiting previously, we will look at how to fix them before commencing a search.

Got an urgent vacancy? Struggling to find the right candidates?  Complete our quick and easy form to submit a vacancy to us to see how we can place those great candidates with your company:

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