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Digital is here and here to stay. It’s transforming the world quickly. Artificially intelligent personal assistants. Smart phones. Smart homes. Smart cities. Soon driverless cars! It’s endless!

We are working with some truly fascinating ground-breaking, inspiring data-driven companies in the Netherlands who are leading the way in the ‘cloud revolution’ working with AI, IoT, Cloud among other emerging technologies. These companies are growing and are looking for pioneers, industry experts and consultants at all levels who can help propel them to their next level of their careers.

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"I highly recommend Shelli based on my experience with her. I just entered the Dutch market coming from Hungary a couple of months ago and she was assisting my future company in the recruitment process."

Jennifer Sastin

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Finding the right candidates for this fast-changing environment can be incredibly challenging, as well as frustrating and expensive. As a leading IT recruitment company in the Netherlands, we can help you overcome these issues.


What people are saying about us

  • I have done business with Shelli for several years now and must say that she really stands out from most of the other recruiters I know. Shelli is very much committed to deliver the best candidate, communicates proactively and has proved to be flexible when needed. A highly recommendable person to work with.

    Bart Thijs
  • I've come to know Shelli as a highly skilled and professional recruiter. Somehow she manages to find the right profiles for my BI and Datawarehouse opportunities. And she is fast. She spends a lot of time interviewing the candidates herself even before she presents them to me. This method improves the chance for success, without flooding me with profiles. She is a nice person to talk to and to have lunch with.

    Rene Kuipers
  • Shelli is a motivated expert in her field, she is an honest person with a very strong commitment to help search and match for a next step in your career. Shelli is service oriented, has an extensive skill set and a great network. I recommend Shelli to anyone who is looking for a new challenge in IT.

    Jasper Boerkel
  • Being approached by many over-eager headhunters in this field I was about to brush off Shelli thinking she was the same, but I'm glad that I didn't, because I was wrong. Shelli stands out as the first headhunter to ever approach me in such a friendly and professional manner, who took the time to actually listen to what I was looking for in a job and tried to help me find it. Shelli helped me get my current position, a job which surpasses my last position in many ways. Highly recommended.

    Aage Ten Hengel
  • Demand far exceeds supply for high quality professionals within the IT sector. Not only is Shelli Gafan able to connect to possible candidates on a personal level, she is also highly capable in understanding our DNA as a company. She is well tapped into the relevant communities within the Netherlands, which is admirable for a UK based company.

    Patrick Jansen van Doorn
  • Shelli has helped me in finding the right place for me to continue my career. Her personal approach was very pleasant, and the clear communication was a big plus. My needs were taken very seriously, and I didn't feel like being 'just another candidate' in the pool. All in all I'm very happy with how things turned out! Thanks!

    Paul Ketelaars
  • I'm really proud to make a recommendation for Shelli. She is THE best recruiter that I've had contact with. A long term relationship is they key for her to look for the best job offer for me. I have known Shelli from 2009 and this year I was finally ready to make the next step. She always gave me all the information that I needed to make the best choice as possible! And now I am really happy with my new job. Thank you so much Shelli for making this possible!

    Rob Beeren
  • Shelli contacted me immediately after my application. I had a applied for a different role but she had one that was more suitable for my career progression. Shelli made it clear what I could expect from the company and what my focus should be in my motivation letter. Through the following interview rounds she always called me in advance to give me a heads up on what to expect and how to approach the interview. And the same day after the interview she asked me how it went and what my impression was. Through the whole application process, Shelli was more of a coach then a recruiter. That makes the difference compared to other recruitment agencies

    Jeroen Walter