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"Since working with you, we have hired candidates who are a great fit for the team, but more impressively have improved the company culture. They have brought in experience from other companies, as well as the work ethic and workplace conduct that is positively inspiring the rest of the team."

Ollie - Managing Director

"I've had the pleasure of working with Shelli over the past 12 years. She is a very driven and people-focused recruiter. Always trying to find the best fit, and honest towards both hiring party or candidate if there isn't. This is refreshing, in a world of recruiters where numbers seem to be more important than quality. Over the past few months, we were able to grow with 5 new talented colleagues. A great result in a tight growing market and Shelli was instrumental in that. Happy to continue our cooperation!"

Mario Smit - Managing Director 

"Working with Shelli was a refreshing experience! Up until I was introduced to Shelli I was always reluctant to work with recruiters because of the usual stigma of recruiters. But when I first started to talk to Shelli she made it clear she didn't have 'a few candidates that were perfect for us' because she had never met us and she wanted to know more about us first before she would engage her network of possible candidates. In our talks we went through a very thorough process of identifying business needs, business quirks (yes we have some) and candidate profile before looking at technical profiles and technical requirements. This helped Shelli be very focussed in her search and ensured we didn't waste time interviewing candidates that did not meet our (interpersonal) requirements or expectations.

We would hire about 2% of the people we interviewed. Shelli broke that number because her candidates were spot on. The reason for this is that it is not just about putting the right candidate in front of the employer but she actually takes the time to understand the business needs, business challenges and the team she is recruiting for even to the point where she would not introduce candidates until certain business challenges were resolved. This allowed us to build a relation on trust and made it easy to ask for help in recruiting for long term goals but also fixing instant recruitment needs. Working with Shelli is not about just getting that next staff member in but partnering on a strategic level to fulfill HR and business requirements. Would I work with Shelli again in my next venturers? 100% yes!"

Stefan Hogendoorn - Google Developer Expert

"I already was a firm believer in the recruitment business, but Shelli has taken this to the next level. I've had contact with several recruiters, but none of them showed the professionalism and commitment as Shelli did. Especially given the time (mid-corona), in which she managed to find me a perfect match shows this. Therefore, I highly recommend Shelli!"​

Joshua Touati, Data Scientist

"One of the best, most conscientious recruiters I've had the pleasure to work with, Shelli is committed to delivering the very best service to her clients and wants to make sure each and every candidate with whom she works end up in a role that is going to work for their immediate and longer term plans. She is an excellent communicator, highly dedicated and, best of all, no-nonsense with her approach in a pleasant, positive way. If you're recruiting in Europe and not using Shelli, you're missing out!"

Ross Owen Williams, Head of the Recruitment Guide Online

"I highly recommend Shelli based on my experience with her. I just entered the Dutch market coming from Hungary a couple of months ago and she was assisting my future company in the recruitment process. She was my first point of contact and while I found her to be consistently proactive, very pleasant and professionally caring her passion for her profession and her dedication just fascinated me. To see someone being that highly skilled and professional like Shelli dealing with people the way she does after spending many years in her profession it just gives the most important support that anyone can need from a recruiter which is the confidence. She made me fall in love with the company even before my first interview and she made sure that I would attend it without any insecurities. Both that employer and employee will be lucky who will have the chance to work with her. I wish you at least the same years of experience that you already have in recruitment in the future because we need people like you in business."

Jennifer Sastin, Project Manager

"Shelli is a great recruiter and networker. I came in contact with Shelli by replying to one of her posts on LinkedIn. She went above and beyond, to find me a new and fitting job after I came back from Singapore to the Netherlands. Moreover, Shelli gives a personal touch to the recruiting process and is sincerely interested in the person. Thank you for the great experience and information that you gave me during the process."

Bob Peters, CTO

"After a (long) period of unsuccessfully looking for a company that had the right culture and mindset combined with the right role, I got in contact with Shelli. After hearing what I was looking for, she was convinced I was the right person for a position at the company I am now thankfully working for. She was right and I would have never found this company by myself. Thanks again Shelli!"

Jamie Derks, Mendix Business Consultant

"Shelli (Advance in IT) and her team are very knowledgeable of the customers business and a great professional to work with. She really looks to understand your needs and career objective thus ensuring suitable roles. Throughout the process, Shelli and her team are always approachable, prompt and supportive. She offers invaluable advice and guidance through the whole process. I strongly recommend Shelli and Advance in IT as a recruitment consultant and company who really does go the extra mile for their candidates."

Jacques Born, Account Manager

"Being approached by many over-eager headhunters in this field I was about to brush off Shelli thinking she was the same, but I'm glad that I didn't, because I was wrong. Shelli stands out as the first headhunter to ever approach me in such a friendly and professional manner, who took the time to actually listen to what I was looking for in a job and tried to help me find it. Shelli helped me get my current position, a job which surpasses my last position in many ways."

Aage ten Hengel, Full Stack Manager

"I have done business with Shelli for several years now and must say that she really stands out from most of the other recruiters I know. Shelli is very much committed to deliver the best candidate, communicates proactively and has proved to be flexible when needed. A highly recommendable person to work with."

Bart Thijs, Delivery Director

"I've come to know Shelli as a highly skilled and professional recruiter. Somehow she manages to find the right profiles for my BI and Datawarehouse opportunities. And she is fast. She spends a lot of time interviewing the candidates herself even before she presents them to me. This method improves the chance for success, without flooding me with profiles. She is a nice person to talk to and to have lunch with."

Rene Kuipers, BI Manager

"Shelli is a motivated expert in her field, she is an honest person with a very strong commitment to help search and match for a next step in your career. Shelli is service oriented, has an extensive skill set and a great network. I recommend Shelli to anyone who is looking for a new challenge in IT."

Jasper Boerkel, Sharepoint Consultant

"Demand far exceeds supply for high quality professionals within the IT sector. Not only is Shelli Gafan able to connect to possible candidates on a personal level, she is also highly capable in understanding our DNA as a company. She is well tapped into the relevant communities within the Netherlands, which is admirable for a UK based company."

Patrick Jansen van Doorn, Owner, Flow Fabric

"Shelli has helped me in finding the right place for me to continue my career. Her personal approach was very pleasant, and the clear communication was a big plus. My needs were taken very seriously, and I didn't feel like being 'just another candidate' in the pool. All in all I'm very happy with how things turned out! Thanks!"

Pauk Ketelaars, Lead Mendix Consultant

"I'm really proud to make a recommendation for Shelli. She is THE best recruiter that I've had contact with. A long term relationship is they key for her to look for the best job offer for me. I have known Shelli from 2009 and this year I was finally ready to make the next step. She always gave me all the information that I needed to make the best choice as possible! And now I am really happy with my new job. Thank you so much Shelli for making this possible!"

Rob Beeren, Senior SAP BI/BO/HANA Consultant

"Shelli contacted me immediately after my application. I had  applied for a different role but she had one that was more suitable for my career progression. Shelli made it clear what I could expect from the company and what my focus should be in my motivation letter. Through the following interview rounds she always called me in advance to give me a heads up on what to expect and how to approach the interview. And the same day after the interview she asked me how it went and what my impression was. Through the whole application process, Shelli was more of a coach then a recruiter. That makes the difference compared to other recruitment agencies."

Jeroen Walter, QA Manager

"Shelli from Advance in IT is a great person to work with as a preferred supplier. Her drive is enormous, she is a good listener and knows how to understand the requirements of our company. Each time I'm pleasantly surprised by the number of qualified candidates she comes up with. Recently she came up with 3 candidates within 2 months. I hired all three of them! So if you are searching for a dedicated, no-nonsense recruiter, you definitely get value for your money!"

A de Booms, TMNS

"After my decision to switch jobs I was very proactive and on top of that picky to find my new challenge. Within 48 hours after getting in contact with Advance in IT, Shelli already found me a couple of companies that would fit my profile perfectly. Two companies were really new - potential employers that were not in my scope before I had contact with Shelli. She was clearly working with some hidden gems. After a couple of calls with Shelli, she advised me to go talk with them, one of which is my current employer. It was a perfect fit that she had identified so quickly. What I liked the most was the effort and the tailor made approach of Shelli. Working with Shelli was overall a pleasant journey and I would recommend her to anyone else considering a move in the IT sector."

Sander Kerkdijk, Lead Data Scientist