Giving Back

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by

what we give." - Winston Churchill

In 2020 we supported the NHS and Crisis due to the Coronavirus outbreak. On a personal level, as a family, we are making several visors for NHS staff, with glue guns and staples to keep them safe from Covid 19.   I also delivered food to the NHS Heroes in my home town.  

I grew up in a family where giving back to the community, or to those less fortunate, was woven into the fabric of our daily lives. My parents and extended family were great role models and having worked and volunteered since the age of 15, giving back sits firmly in my heart.

It’s really no surprise that years later I founded a business with people at its core.

Throughout my life, I’ve donated personally to many charities close to my heart, but after helping my sister’s ‘Club Sandwich’ community effort to feed the homeless five years ago, I realised that giving back could become an integral part of our business model at Advance in IT.

It was at an elite recruitment leaders’ conference organised by Members Only that I experienced one of those moments that make you re-evaluate your life in a heartbeat. Seeing how passionate Members Only were about supporting a charity called Last Night a DJ Saved My Life that builds wells in Uganda to bring families clean, safe water, I knew this was an organisation I wanted to help.

Having the ability to create an impact and transform lives means so much to me.

In 2019, Advance in IT supported Last Night a DJ Saved My Life by donating £350 towards the building of wells in Uganda and providing sports equipment to children living in poverty.

Clean water is something we take for granted in the UK, but around the world, millions of people live without access to clean water. According to water.org, 785 million people lack access to safe water, with a million people dying each year from water and hygiene related diseases.

When you realise how little it costs to help people in third world countries, it changes your perception of the value of money. For me, helping others live a better life is so important.

At its core, Advance in IT invests in people, believes in people and supports training, education and learning.

Over the past few years, it has been a privilege to be able to provide scholarships to 12 Lightning Process students and take part in physical challenges to support Cancer Research UK. Every charity we support is aligned with our company’s values and our vision for the future.

My experience with the Lightning Process began almost a decade ago when a combination of work stress and the recession caused me to develop fibromyalgia, an invisible condition that causes sufferers to experience extreme fatigue, brain fog and physical pain.

The Lightning Process gave me my life back.

I wanted to find a way that I could spread the love and support people through the process so that they too could experience the same positive impact and health boosting results. Providing scholarships to fund their healing was the perfect way for me to do this.

What always matters to me is doing something positive, not dwelling on the negative.

Cancer affects all of us in one way or another; losing loved ones or seeing friends battle through traumatic operations and chemotherapy.  When a young friend of mine was personally affected, it became the catalyst to raise money to support the incredible work of Cancer Research UK. I took on the 10k challenge in 2018 and after much training (fitting running in around two young children and a business can be tough!) I was elated to cross the finish line with my family cheering me on.

Giving is contagious and kick starts a ripple effect.

It’s such a privilege to be able to help and support others. It goes beyond the financial and physical support and satisfies me at a deep soul level.

Whether you donate, volunteer or take part in a fundraising challenge, your love and kindness reaches beyond that person, group or charity. It helps immediate families, extended families, communities, and ultimately, the world.