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Top 10 tips for de-stressing

Shelli Gafan

​Do what you can, not what you can’t! - Our top 10 tips for destressing and maintaining good wellbeing in these uncertain times

 We are more and more aware that the world is changing and certainly in the UK becoming a darker place to live in while our government takes our economic situation from bad to worse. After Boris, I didn’t think it COULD get any worse. How wrong I was!

Now I find myself putting my life on hold in various forms, seeking some sort of stability so I thought I would share some ideas that might help us cope with these coming months that won’t cost any extra and may well lift our moods! Sometimes, just sometimes, we have to STOP and take a break.

Here are my top 10 tips for obtaining better wellbeing: (sorry if they sound obvious but I find that we often forget how to enjoy life when dealing with all of the above):

1.     Listen to your favourite music

Find tracks that will bring you back to great memories and times as well as what you listen to now.

2.     Laugh! We must remember to laugh! Meet up with fun friends, watch a funny movie or read a funny book.  

3.     Dance for 10 minutes after you get up! Trust me! It will release any tension in those shoulders!

4.     Stay off social media – stop any notifications for a week and focus on your job and the people around you

5.     Watch something on TV/Ipad that you wouldn’t normally watch – something that is either funny or a break from the norm and day-to-day routine. I watched Frozen Planet the other day – I was fascinated by it and I actually switched off from everything around me.

6.     Take things off your to do list that you just don’t need to do - Don’t try and do it ‘all’ – you’ll never be able to

7.     Do a good deed – this will instantly lift your spirits

8.     Think of someone YOU can help with this upcoming challenging period

9.     Exercise is the obvious one and getting into a green space or different environment also benefits us. Something is better than nothing.

10.  Make a note of 3-4 things that you really like doing and do at least ONE this week.

As our choices get taken away from us with interest rates rising and illness still threatening our physical and mental wellbeing, let’s make good choices where we can. We DO have choices. We just have to make time for them and do what we can, not what we can’t.

How do you improve your wellbeing?