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7 tips to make your CV standout

6 Seconds

Shelli Gafan Interview

Did you know...?

A recruiter will take 6-seconds to review a CV! 

Follow these top 7 tips to stand out and get that interview!

1. Ensure the FIRST HALF-PAGE of your CV tells the reader EVERYTHING they need to know.

  • Include a profile summary: Education, language skills, work history and experience, passion (this is vital), personal characteristics and ambitions. 
  • Use engaging, enticing language that will make the reader want to know more.

2. Include a separate projects summary:

  • Give examples of what you have worked on with what tools, challenges, solutions and successes (not giving away confidential info)


3. Create a skills / tools snapshot referencing the level of experience per skill / tool. Eg. Beginner, Competent / Advanced. 


4. Certifications - include a section for these to show your ambition. Certifications show commitment. Companies will want to see this.

5. For the main body of your CV, keep it short and clear. Include dates of when you worked, not just the years. If there are gaps, explain them.

6. Add hobbies & interests – these tell a lot about a person. 

7. References – always be on request.