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10 quick interview tips for candidates


Shelli Gafan Recruitment

When preparing for an interview, do not take ANYTHING for granted, this could be the difference between getting the job and not getting the job! 


1.  If you don't know the platform, learn it. 

2.  If you don't know your interviewers, research them, LinkedIn is often a good starting place. ​

3.  Arrive dressed in suitable attire (this will no longer be a suit in the IT world). 

4.  Arrive 15 minutes early. 

5.  Research your route, you don't want to be late or caught up with public transport issues. 

6.  Prepare at least 5 questions to ask. 

7.  Relax and smile, and enjoy it. It's YOUR chance to see if you actually want to work there! 

8.  Show 'em what you're made of - if you don't show you like them, why would they hire you? 

9.  Listen to what the interviewer(s) asking you.

10.  BE YOURSELF!!! 


These tips might sound obvious, but trust us, we have recently had candidates tell us that they were rejected for not doing the above and why not? They failed to prepare, as they took it for granted.