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Employee Referral Schemes


Shelli Gafan Recruitment

"Our employees don’t know anyone who'll want to work for us", said no-one, ever.


How many companies implement an Employee Referral Scheme? 


If you haven't got one in place, here's why you should: 

These encourage people to talk to their networks – people they trust and have relationships with 

People will most likely join companies where they already know and trust others – less fear of the unknown 

It saves time – your employees will know their contacts’ experience and a possible match 

Your employees are your best ambassadors for your brands 

It empowers your employees to be a real part of your company 

A small referral fee could motivate them 


At Advance in IT, we have vast networks so are always delighted to help our clients to grow with great people where their own networks are not wide enough. 


We also pride ourselves on acting as Business Advisors and thinking outside the box for them.