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How a British recruiter can recruit successfully in the Netherlands

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Shelli Gafan Recruitment

I always get asked by potential clients and candidates alike, "how is it that someone British can recruit effectively in the Netherlands?". The answer is simple. I listen, absorb and act accordingly.

Hard sales has never been my thing. I am much more of a people person, and I really like making a difference to all around me, on a professional basis, and on a personal level too. I genuinely get a buzz from placing people or from seeing my clients blossom with great IT Consultants that I have placed.

What is really important in the recruitment business nowadays? It is hard sales? No. In the Netherlands, where our core business is, it is all about the personal approach, and making a difference. Additionally, it is about understanding your market, thus clients and candidates alike, as well as the demographics and culture of the country you are recruiting in. It is about getting the match right in the quickest, most efficient way. This method has worked for me over the past 13 years, and even more so since I launched Advance in IT where I can tailor recruitment solutions to my clients' needs.

Even as a British recruiter, I still have my finger on the pulse, keeping up to date with the latest industry and specialism updates (eg. and other such useful online magazines), and even tho I do not speak Dutch, I understand the basics, but more importantly I embed myself into my clients, candidates and contacts, getting a thorough view of what makes them tick and what they need from me.

This is what allows, if not encourages me to want to continue growing my already strong network and business in the Netherlands, as well, of course, my love for the Dutch culture and people.