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Relationship building

Holland 2

Shelli Gafan Recruitment

I always love the journey home from Holland, it gives me the chance to take a breath and reflect over the past days’ meetings. 


I feel inspired and I can’t wait until Monday when I get to step up the searches for candidates for these awesome companies. 

Forty-five minutes of switch-off time without emails or calls is, in fact, liberating! 

I’ve met some inspiring people on this visit – clients, contacts and candidates. 

I have such a strong bond with them. 

We have mutual respect and understanding. 


On this trip, it became more clear than ever that, to them, we are not just another recruitment company. We care about everyone we deal with. People matter to us and they recognise that. 


This time, two of my clients invited me to join them for lunch. I’ll be honest, I got a warm, fuzzy feeling. I sat there amongst the team and felt part of something. Something family-like, something real and something uplifting. 


People often ask me why I recruit in Holland. This is one of the main reasons why. Relationships.