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5 Reasons why you shouldn't accept a counter offer

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Shelli Gafan Recruitment

As a recruiter with over 12 years' experience, we have seen many things and with the market as buoyant as it is, counteroffers from employers are bound to happen, even though they are really a waste of everyone's time. 


Here are our top 5 reasons why, as a candidate, you should decline one: 


1.  You had to quit to get a raise 

Why is it that you become more valuable after you give notice? 

It should make you wonder why you weren’t important enough to merit a raise in salary before. 


2.  Your situation is unlikely to change 

If you are unhappy in your current position it is very unlikely that your frustrations will disappear because of a raise in salary or circumstance. 

How likely is it that your employer can all of a sudden change direction or innovate? 


3.  Lack of respect 

Your colleagues/management may resent you for resigning which may portray you in a negative light in the company. 


4.  Lack of job security in the future

Your manager wants you to stay for his/her benefit, not yours. 

He/she might choose to use this information in the future. 


5.  The chances are you’re going to leave anyway

Research has shown that 80% of employees who accept counteroffers end up leaving the company within nine months.